Appeal Proceedings

Lundsgaard & Partnere has extensive experience in conducting appeal cases before the High Courts and the Supreme Court. We also conduct cases that we have not conducted initially. Appeal cases before the Supreme Court differ from all other procedural disciplines and mainly concern fundamental matters.

Lundsgaard & Partnere conducts appeal cases relating to all practice areas concerning commercial matters and in all practice areas with regards to professional liability, including attorney liability, BOD and D&O liability, auditor liability, etc.

Apart from the legal assessment, we consider the evidence of the case upon receiving the appeal case, including whether new witnesses or new pieces of evidence should be presented before the court, and in what way this may affect the outcome of the case.

Common to cases in all practice areas, is that we always come up with our thorough and complete assessment on whether we, for any reason, believe we are able to obtain another result by conducting the case before another authority than it was originally conducted for.

Lundsgaard & Partnere's attorneys have the skills, capacity, and experience in bringing appeal cases before the High Courts and the Supreme Court.