Arbitration is one of Lundsgaard & Partnere's core business areas, and we have successfully completed extensive arbitration cases. Our goal of the lawsuit is simple: We wish to achieve the best possible result for our client.

We can help to determine the strategy for any pending negotiations before an arbitration case commences, so that any possible negotiation process, should an arbitration case be conducted, does not result in a deteriorated starting point.

We are aware that the best result for our client will not necessarily be present after a completed main hearing. During the arbitration proceedings, we are constantly aware of alternative solutions that might serve our client's best interests. 

Lundsgaard & Partnere has experience with the special conditions that apply to arbitration, including the rules concerning the procurement of evidence, the possibility of written testimonials and unilateral obtained expert statements. 

Lundsgaard & Partnere has a large professional network, and we continuously assist in appointing arbitrators. We are able to assemble the optimum "team".

Søren Lundsgaard is often appointed as an arbitrator.