Attorney Liability


Lundsgaard & Partnere is one of Denmark's leading law firms within the practice area of attorney liability. We have many years of experience, and we have conducted a number of procedural litigations that have determined the present state of the law within this practice area. As a result hereof, at Lundsgaard & Partnere we have an overview and insight into all relevant insurance matters.

At Lundsgaard & Partnere, the cases are handled in smaller units, which all naturally  conduct their work with the highest discretion in relation to the cases, as we emphasize the general reputation of the law firm.

Attorneys, like many other professions, can be held accountable both in relation to civil liability, in relation to disciplinary liability, just as attorneys can be held liable to criminal proceedings. At Lundsgaard & Partnere, we have an in-depth knowledge of attorneys' liability insurance, including guarantees, coverage, etc.

In addition to the involved attorneys, our clients are the insurance companies.

Søren Lundsgaard is one of Denmark's most acknowledged attorneys within the practice area of professional liability, and for a number of years attorney Søren Bagger served as a member of the Danish Bar and Law Society. In addition, Søren Lundsgaard is a frequently used lecturer within the practice areas concerning and relating to attorney liability.