Work at Lundsgaard & Partnere

    Work at Lundsgaard & Partnere


    At Lundsgaard & Partnere you will find some of the country's best trial lawyers, who can teach you how to litigate. As one of Denmark's leading law firms specializing in litigation and arbitration cases, our clients count a number of leading Danish and international companies, as well as private organizations. 

    At Lundsgaard & Partnere we are ambitious litigators. We put focus on quality before quantity, and we do not assign larger teams to cases than necessary. This means that as an attorney, assistant attorney, or student assistant at Lundsgaard & Partnere you will work with legal proceedings from day one. 

    Our clients choose us because they are satisfied with our work and because our former clients strongly recommend us. 

    At Lundsgaard & Partnere we are litigators, not just consultants. We do not spend several years preparing large cases just to settle them at the last minute, if a lawsuit will lead to a more favorable result got our client. Therefore, if you think you are, or have the potential to become a good litigator, Lundsgaard & Partnere is the place for you, and we will gladly hear from you. 

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