Commission of Inquiry


Lundsgaard & Partnere has years of experience in carrying out the task as lay representatives for clients involved in inquiry commissions.

Since 1999, the Danish Minister of Justice has been able to appoint a commission of inquiry, i.e. a commission of non-judicial authority, with the purpose to investigate and identify specific matters of general importance, if the Danish Parliament adopts it.

A commission of inquiry is appointed with the purpose of clarifying a certain course of events, and it can furthermore be given the task to assess whether there is cause for the public to hold someone accountable. The commission of inquiry may consist of one or more members, but the chairperson must be an attorney.

The work of the commission of inquiry is based on submitted material and it may conduct inquiries on oath. In relation to this, individuals who are subject to investigation have the right to a lay representative and the opportunity to consult with the said. Furthermore, the lay representative has access to an oral presentation, a draft of the ruling, and a review of the explanation of the respondent. Lundsgaard & Partnere attends the meetings at the commission of inquiry as a lay representative, and we conduct in-depth examinations of the individuals who have testified, should this be deemed necessary.