Legal Proceedings within M&A and Breach of Contract


Lundsgaard & Partnere benefits from a deep understanding of the most commonly used clauses in M&A agreements and from our years of experience with counseling and litigating cases related to M&A transactions — an understanding and experience that our clients in turn will also benefit from.

Lundsgaard & Partnere represents clients in connection with M&A transactions relating to breach of contract, termination of a contract, claims for damages, breach of warranties and representations, compliance of M&A agreements in regards to dealing with conflict situations, disputes regarding interpretation of M&A agreements, retention of deposits, etc.

Although our core competence at Lundsgaard & Partnere is dispute resolution, we additionally advise our clients before implementing M&A transactions, either because our clients want to consider a possible future lawsuit or because our clients want strategic counseling based on our comprehensive litigation experience. We usually work closely with the client's other advisors, including other legal advisors.