Supreme Court Cases


Lundsgaard & Partnere regularly conducts cases before the Supreme Court. Our attorneys also assist in conducting Supreme Court actions in cases, where we have not conducted the case before the High Court, but are chosen to conduct the case before the Supreme Court, because of our extensive experience with the procedure before the Supreme Court.

Cases conducted before the Supreme Court will always be appeal cases of fundamental importance. Lundsgaard & Partnere also provides assistance in bringing cases before the Supreme Court through leave to appeal to a third instance.

Attorneys' experience in conducting legal proceedings before the Supreme Court is essential, in order to convince the Supreme Court of the correctness and validity of the case. Due to specific rules regarding the presentation of evidence, conducting a case before the Supreme Court has a number of implications, and hence knowledge hereof should be utilized.

The method of conducting a case before the Supreme Court implies that the evidence pertaining to the trial are to be concentrated, thus the argumentation should focus on the key issues, which are of importance to the case in question. It is essential that the attorney has presented everything of substantial importance, before the Supreme Court prior to the main legal proceedings begin. This must be done in a clear and distinct form.

The comprehensive case summary/claims document is of vital importance when conducting Supreme Court cases, and knowledge of guidelines hereof is likewise of great importance.